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Super Soft SSS PP Spunbond Nonwoven

    Here, "SSS" stands for "Spunbond + Spunbond + Spunbond", means that the production line is three beams.

    Perfect uniformity, very soft nonwoven fabrics designed to help hygiene manufactures meet consumer demand for hygiene products, super soft and comfortable, achieve superior softness through special calendar bonding, special additives, special resins,Strong uniform structure with a range of fiber deniers.

    Variety of bond patterns to give the right balance of softness and strength.

    Multiple treatments for cotton-like softness, skin care and UV stability.

    Typical Applications: quite ideal for the topsheet and soft backsheet of disposable diapers and training pants. Spunbond is available in grades offering exceptional softness, as well as hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, depending on the end-use application. Spunbond fabrics also have uses in medical and industrial applications.

Material: Polypropylene, additive

Basic weight: 10-30 G/M2

Width: 100-3200 MM

Dot design: sesame and other pattern

Color: white

Special treatment: High tensile strength, super soft softness


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