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Nonwoven for Harvest Cover

Mar. 10, 2017

Today, one container anti-UV PP spunbond nonwoven for harvest cover is exported again.

Products Properties:
100% recyclable polypropylene nonwoven developed for agriculture, horticulture, weed barrier. It features high air and moisture permeability and resists degradation from ultraviolet light on a variety of treated plants. It forms a physical barrier against insects and other organisms and offers protection from climatic variations, such as frost, extreme cold and heat. It creates a microclimate that encourages plant growth, while protecting plants against natural enemies.

Detailed information:
1. Material: PP spunbond nonwoven, anti-UV and or
hydrophilic additive
2. Width: 63"-630"
3. Weight: 16-20 g/m
4. Color: According to the requirement or sample from the customer.
5. MOQ: 5000 kgs
6. Special treatment: High tensile strength, hydrophilic, anti UV
8. Application:
 agriculture, fruits packaging,  horticulture, garden, landscape, weed barrier.

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