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SS PP Spunbond Nonwoven

    Here, "SS" stands for "Spunbond + Spunbond", means that the production line is double beams.

    Such SS spunbond nonwoven has better uniformity, feels softer, has very high strength (tensile), low elongation, and very high tear and bust strength, usually add anti-UV stabilizer.

    Typical application: widely used as house wrap, underlayment for wood building as the roofing, wall protection, to anti dust, keep the house warm, and it is breathable, the water vapor can pass it to outsides.

Material: Polypropylene, additive

Basic weight: 12-150 G/M2

Width: 400-3200 MM

Dot design: diamond

Color: any color

Special treatment: High tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength


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